Getting to know Armenia


The program consists of one-day tours with the return to Yerevan. There will be trips to a
number of natural, cultural and historical sights of Armenia, such as the pagan temple of Garni,
Geghard, Noravanq, Areni, Khndzoresk, Qarahunj, as well as climbing the highest peak of
Armenia - Mount Aragats. The trips will be accompanied with a treat of traditional Armenian
dishes, also local wine and cognac.
The tour program includes:
Day 1: Airport-Yerevan- introducing trip around the capital of Armenia.
Immediately after meeting the guests' at the airport, an introducing tour of Yerevan will be
organized to the Cascade complex, from which you can admire all the beauty of Yerevan, the
National Academic Opera and Ballet Theater, then go for a walk along the Northern Avenue and
the Republic Square. After a walk, there will be lunch in the restaurant. Then we will visit the
"Ararat" brandy factory, the visiting card of Yerevan, where you can taste the best varieties of
Armenian cognac. The excursion of the first day will end with a visit to the Tsitsernakaberd
Memorial, dedicated to the memory of the victims of the Armenian Genocide.
Day 2: Yerevan-Garni- Geghard-Yerevan
Breakfast in the hotel. Visiting one of the most famous medieval architectural and historical
monuments of Armenia - the monastery complex of Geghard (12-13 centuries) in Kotayk region.
Then there will be a trip to the pagan temple of Garni, the Symphony of Stones and the Khosrov
Reserve. Lunch will be organized in the house of one of the hospitable local residents, where
tourists will have an opportunity to watch the process of baking Armenian lavash. During the
dinner in the restaurant guests of the Armenian capital can taste dishes of national cuisine, as
well as drink aromatic wine from grapes, grown in the sun-drenched Ararat Valley.
Day 3: Yerevan-Amberd- Aragats-Yerevan
Breakfast in the hotel. Stop on the road to Amberd near the monument to the Armenian
alphabet. Trip to Amberd, a medieval Armenian fortified city, located on the north-eastern slope
of Mount Aragats. Return to Yerevan. Dinner at the restaurant where you can enjoy the
performance of Armenian folk melodies.
Day 4: Khor Virap-Noravanq- Areni-Tatev- Khndzoresk-Goris
Breakfast at the hotel. Departure to the monastery complex Khor Virap Ararat region, from
where you can admire the indescribable beauty of the Biblical Mount Ararat. On the way to
Noravanq, we will make a stop near the Cave of Birds, where the world's oldest footwear was
found, which is more than 5000 years old. Then you can taste fragrant wines in the village of
Areni. Lunch at the restaurant. The next stop will be the longest ropeway in the world - "Wings
of Tatev", through which you can reach the monastery of Tatev. Visit to Khndzoresk, to the
suspension bridge. Arrival to Goris. Dinner at the hotel.
Day 5: Goris-Noratus- Sevan-Yerevan
Breakfast at the hotel. Visiting the "Armenian Stonehenge" - Qarahunj (Zorats Qarer), then the
largest khachkar park - Noratus. After lunch in the house of one of the local residents, a trip to
the "pearl of Armenia", blue-eyed Sevan, with a visit to the monastery of Sevanavank, located
on the peninsula, is planned. Dinner at the restaurant. Return to Yerevan.

Day 6: Yerevan-Zvartnots- Etchmiadzin-Yerevan
Breakfast at the hotel. Visit to the medieval Armenian architectural monument, the temple of
Zvartnots is planned. Pilgrimage to the spiritual center of Armenia - Mother See of Holy
Etchmiadzin, as well as visiting local museums. Lunch is planned in one of the local hotels.
Personal Tours:
The cost for 2-3 persons is ..., for 4-6 persons ..., for 7-15 persons ..., for 16-25 persons ..., for
more than 25 people ... .
The tour price includes:
- Meeting and seeing off at the airport,
- Accommodation: 5 nights in a high-class hotel in Yerevan, 1 night at the hotel in Goris.

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