Climbing Mount Khustup


In the eastern part of the Syunik region, 10 km to the south-west of the town of Kapan, Mount
Khustup is located, 3201 meters above sea level. The mountain is remarkable for its greatness
and unique beauty. A stunning and incomparable view of incredible Syunik opens from its top.
The tour program includes:
Day one: Yerevan-Kapan- Navchay settlement
Early in the morning departure from Yerevan to Kapan. Along the way, several stops will be
made to get acquainted with the secluded, but immensely interesting and impressive
settlements and monuments of antiquity. Climbing the top of Khustup Mountain. Stop in
Navchay settlement, located in one of the gorges, where guests can spend the night
Day Two: Navchay - "Darbasner" (Gates) - The top of Khustup Mountain
Breakfast. Continuation of the route to the top of the Khustup mountain. Stop in a place called
"Darpasner" (Gate). The settlement has received such name because on both sides of the so
called "gate" there is a completely different nature, which gives the impression that it is really a
gateway for transition from one dimension to another. At the mountain top there is a monument
to the Armenian national hero, commander Garegin Nzhdeh. After a small stop at the
monument, the ascent to the top of the mountain will be continued. Return to Navchay after
conquering the Khustup Mountain. After spending the night in the settlement, return to Yerevan.
Personal Tours:
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