Climbing Mount Azhdahak


The highest peak of the Geghama Mountain Range is Mount Azhdahak - an extinct volcano, the
snowcap of which does not melt throughout the year. The height of the mountain is 3597.3
meters above sea level. At the top, there is a crater filled with water. Geghama Mountains are
especially noteworthy for their wall stone menhirs - vishapakars ("dragon stones") and
petroglyphs on them. Only a few of them have survived to this day, they were taken to different
places, including Yerevan.
The tour program includes:
Departure from Yerevan to the village of Geghard. Ride to the slopes of Azhdahak Mount on a
SUV. Stop at Lake Vank or in the Vishapalich area. Continuing the road and climbing the top of
Return to Yerevan.
Personal Tours:
The cost for 2-3 persons is ..., for 4-6 persons - ..., for 7-15 persons - ..., for 16-25 persons - ...,
for more than 25 people - ....

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