Climbing Mount Aragats


The four-peak Aragats is the highest mounyain of Armenia and the fourth highest peak of the
Armenian Highland. The height of the highest point of the mountain is 4090 m and the lowest -
3879 m. Evidences have been preserved, according to which, in ancient times Aragats was
covered with dense forests, but only a small part of the forest and alpine meadows has been
preserved. The nature of Aragats is incredibly beautiful: here you can see four seasons of the
yea all at once. On the south-eastern slope of the mountain, the Armenians’ pride - Byurakan
Observatory, is located.
The tour program includes:
07:30 - Departure from Yerevan.
08:30 - A short stop on the way to Aragats near the Monument to the Armenian alphabet.
09:30 - A trip on SUVs to Lake Kari, which is 3200 meters above sea level, after which you will
have to climb the southern peak of the mountain.
18:00 - Lunch at the top of Aragats, in the open air.
19:00 - After climbing the peak of Aragats, a trip to the medieval fortified city of Amberd, which
has survived to this day, is planned.
20:00 - Return to Yerevan.
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