Trip to Amberd


The tour program includes:
9:30 - Departure from Yerevan to the medieval fortress-city of Amberd.
10:30 - Arrival in Amberd. The former medieval fortress was built in the 10th century. Now only
the ruins of Amberd Castle and fortress walls, churches and bathhouses have been preserved
11:40 - Aragats mountain. The highest peak of Armenia, with height of 4090.1 meters. Old
cultural monuments are preserved here, the most significant of which are the monuments with
the depiction of dragons (vishapaqars).
13.00 - Lake Kari. The largest of the lakes of Aragats with fresh water has a glacial origin. Kari
has extraordinary beauty.
15:10 - The Byurakan Observatory. Founded in 1946, thanks to the efforts of the outstanding
Armenian astronomer Victor Hambardzumyan, the observatory was named after the great
scientist. The Observatory is a visiting card of Armenia up to our days. Visit to the House
Museum of Victor Hambardzumyan, located on the territory of the Observatory.
18:30 - Return to Yerevan.

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