Trip to Dilijan and Ijevan


The tour program includes:
9:00 - Departure from Yerevan.
11:00 - Arrival to Dilijan. Dilijan is one of the most beautiful cities in Armenia, surrounded by
dense forests and alpine meadows. This is a famous resort town.
12:00 - Lake Parz lich in the middle of a mountaineous forest.
12.20 - Goshavank or the monastery of Nor Getik. Medieval religious, educational and cultural
center, founded by Mkhitar Gosh. After his death, the monastery was named after him.
13:30 The monastery complex of Haghartsin. Founded in the 10-13th centuries, it was an
advanced cultural and religious center.
14:30 - Lunch.
16:00 - Ijevan. Visit to the Dendropark, where you can see plants from all continents of the
world, except for Australia. In Dendropark there are about 650 species of trees and shrubs.
Makaravank is an Armenian monastery complex of the 13th century, famous for its bas-reliefs.
20:00 - Return to Yerevan.

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