Equestrian tour in Garni Gorge


The tour program includes:
09:00 - Departure from Yerevan to the Kotayk region.
10:00 - Visit to the monastery complex of Geghard, included in the list of cultural heritage of
11:00 - Visit to the pagan temple of Garni, one of the most ancient historical monuments of pre-
Christian Armenia.
11:40 - Preliminary examination of horses. Practical course in horse riding.
12:00 - Garni Gorge, natural monument of Stones symphony, medieval bridge.
13:30 - Monastery complex of Havuts Tar on the left bank of Azat river, known as the Church of
the Savior. It was one of the most significant religious and cultural centers of medieval Armenia,
but only ruins have survived.
14:30 - Lunch in the nature, on the coastal zone.
17:00 - Return to Yerevan.
Personal Tours:
Cost for 2-3 persons -, 4-6 persons -, 7-15 persons -, 16-25 persons -, for more than 25 people -
Duration of the tour:
May 13 - $ ․․․
July 15 - $ ․․․
The tour price includes:
-All trips, mentioned in the program,
- Accompanying and guide services,
- Practical course in riding,
- Entry tickets.
- Drinking water.
- Taxes.
The tour price does NOT include:
-Picnic during the tour (․․․ drams),

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