Welcome to Armenia - a mysterious treasury of ancient cultural and historical values ​​and
magnificent natural attractions!
Being one of the cradles of ancient civilization, the first to adopt Christianity as a state religion,
Armenia attracts more tourists and pilgrims from all over the world year by year. This is not
surprising, since within such a small territory more than 4 thousand unique monuments of
history and culture are concentrated.
But Armenia is rich not only with ancient monuments: mild climate, amazing nature, clean air
and water, picturesque landscapes, this entire is the key to the best holiday ever.
The majestic biblical Ararat Mount, towering over the country and visible from its virtually all
corners, is the symbol of this ancient land. All of the landscapes would not be so breathtakingly
wonderful without Ararat, with its shining snow-white peak.
The blue-eyed Sevan, a high mountain lake, also attracts many tourists’ by its pure azure
waters, which is why it is rightfully called "The pearl of Armenia".
Equally attractive are the ancient pre-Christian temple of Garni, the monastery complex of
Geghard, hewed in massive solid rock, Tatev monastery complex of the 9-10th centuries and
the "Tatev's Wings" - the longest ropeway in the world.
The greatest wealth of this southern sunny country, however, is its people: their good nature
and hospitality are forcing tourists and guests, who have once visited Armenia, to return here
again and again. Despite the fact that tourism in Armenia began to develop relatively recently,
nevertheless, it is developing quite rapidly.
Armenia attracts not only tourists and pilgrims, but also sportsmen and lovers of active rest and
extreme sports. For them, the resort towns of Jermuk and Tsaghkadzor open their hospitable
doors. Tsaghkadzor is famous for its beautiful mountain peaks, ultra-modern ski slopes, the
ropeway, hotels that meet international requirements and various entertainment facilities. In
addition to this, Armenia, with its ancient culture and preserved national traditions, is an
interesting destination also for the lovers of agrotourism, which is a relatively new sphere in this
In this wonderful country, ancient traditions and modern lifestyle are closely intertwined, there is
a repository of ancient manuscripts, as well as a center of creative technologies "TUMO",
national culture, jazz and rock are equally loved, which can be heard in Yerevan pubs.
In short, everyone can find something close and familiar to him or her in Armenia, so it is
appropriate to recall a well-known saying that it is better to see once than hear a hundred times.
Welcome to Armenia!