Trip to Echmiadzin


Tour program includes:
10:00 - Departure from Yerevan
10:30 - A visit to the temple of Zvartnots. This is an Armenian early medieval architectural
monument, from which only ruins have survived to this day. In 1989, it was included in the
UNESCO World Heritage List.
11:30 - Church of St. Hripsime. One of the most significant churches in Armenia. It is built in
accordance with the traditions of Armenian church construction and is included in the UNESCO
World Heritage List:
12:30 - Church of St. Gayane is also one of the most significant churches of Vagharshapat, with
its central-domed basilica, the dome of which is located on 4 columns. The church is cross-
shaped. In 2000, the church of St. Gayane was included in the UNESCO World Heritage Site.
13:30 - Visit to the Cathedral of Holy Echmiadzin. Built in 301-303, the place was chosen not by
chance: according to the legend, Christ came down here, in Surb Grigor Lusavorich’s divine
vision as a beam of light fall to the earth. Christ ordered to erect a temple on this site. It is one of
the most ancient cathedrals in the world, also included in the UNESCO World Heritage list in
14.30 - The Museum of St. Echmiadzin was built in 1869 by the Catholicos Gevorg of
Constantinople. The museum houses a number of holy relics, including the Holy Spear that
pierced Christ’s body, the fragment of Noah's Ark, the kneecap of John the Baptist, part of the
Cross Tree on which Jesus was crucified, etc.
16:30 - Lunch at one of the local restaurants.
17:30 - Return to Yerevan.

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