Tour to Lastiver


We offer you a tour to one of the most picturesque and attractive places in the Tavush region of
Armenia - to fabulous Lastiver. Small ancient caves are rich in pagan and Christian monuments,
unique khachkars, and enchanting waterfalls, huts built on trees, and lush Alpine forests can
provoke an unprecedented admiration not only among foreign tourists, but also guests from
The tour program includes:
8:00 - Departure from Yerevan to Lastiver.
11:45 - Arrival to Lastiver. Accompanied by our experienced guides, you will have the
opportunity to explore the caves, go inside them, and if you want, you can organize all kinds of
games in this location or simply rest by the fire in order to better enjoy the splendid landscapes
of Lastiver.
16:00 - Departure from Lastiver.
20:00 - Return to Yerevan.
There are also personal tours: the cost for 2-3 persons - ..., for 4-6 - ..., for 7-15 - ..., for 16-25 -
..., for more than 25 people - ....
The tour price includes:
• Transportation service,
• Accompanying guide services.

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