Caucasian Biodiversity Center


In the vicinity of the “Khosrov Forest” State Reserve, the Caucasian Biodiversity Center is
located, which is the only private ecological zone in the South Caucasus. In the protected area
of ​​more than 10000 hectares, rare species of animals live, such as the Armenian mouflon, the
Syrian brown bear, the bezoar goat, the Caucasian lynx, etc.
The tour program includes:
09:00 - Departure from Yerevan.
10:30 - Visiting the Caucasian Biodiversity Center.
12:00 - Visiting the Surb Karapet church.
13:00 - Lunch in the nature.
14:00 - Watching birds, rare species of butterflies, as well as mammals at the Caucasus
Biodiversity Center
17.00 - Hiking to the Urts Mountain
18:00 - Dinner in the nearby village of Urtsadzor or in one of the local settlements with
traditional Armenian dishes.
19:30 - Return to Yerevan.

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The tour price includes:

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